Branch Meetings
Man United

Rules Of The Game

  • Each week you must pick one English Premier League team to win.
  • You may only pick each team ONCE (e.g. if you choose Arsenal in week one you cannot choose that team again).
  • If your team wins you move on to the next round, however if your team fails to win for any reason you are eliminated.
  • The cost per entry is £10.
  • Should you not get your entry in on time on any particular week you will be given a team from the league, going in alphabetical order – e.g. Arsenal to Aston Villa. If you have already chosen that team it will move onto the next team alphabetically.
  • The last person/persons will take the money or share the prize fund. If there is no outright winner at the end of the competition the prize fund will be divided evenly amongst the remaining entrants.
  • There is no limit as to the number of times an individual can enter.
  • Progress can be checked each week on line at Results will also be available after every round of matches is complete.
  • Entries are invalid until all monies are paid in full.
  • The organising committee retain their right to amend these rules during the competition. All decisions made by the committee are final.