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Welcome to the home of Downpatrick MUSC Last Man Standing. The aim of the Last Man Standing is to raise funds for the everyday running of our supporters club. You can enter for just £10. This £10 could end up making you as much as £150. Not only that, the Last Man Standing is a fun game which will involve the whole branch, creating banter and celebration each week. The next round of the competition will start on the 13/01/2017.


All you need to do is pick a premiership team each week. If your chosen team wins, your through to the next week. If your chosen team draws or loses, you are eliminated. Should you progress throughout the weeks of the competition, you cannot pick the same team as previous weeks, you can only pick a team once. The competition will continue until every participant has lost. If there is only one person left standing, he/she will take the jackpot of £150. If there are a number of participants left standing and they all lose on the same week, the jackpot of £150 will be shared amongst them.


  1. To enter Last Man Standing:  find a committee member, pay £10  and provide your email address or mobile number
  2. Closing date for entry is Friday 13/01/2017
  3. The first round of fixtures for this competition will be on 14/01/2017
  4. Upon entry, participants will receive an email or text to remind them that the deadline for the first round of games is 8pm  Friday 13/01/2017
  5. Each Monday, participants will be notified by email or text to inform them if they are through to the next round, remaining participants will also be reminded about the 8pm Friday deadline for the following weeks games.

Please ensure that the email address and mobile number you provide when registering to participate is correct, as the organiser accepts no responsibility for emails not being received. The organiser is not responsible for any late, lost, misdirected or incomplete entries


Search for your name (alphabetical order) on the presented table to follow your progress. If your box reads “OUT”, your team has been eliminated due to your selected team either drawing or losing the previous week. If your box remains unedited, your selected teams have been successful and you are through to the following week. The table will be updated after each round of the Premiership is finished.The last man/woman standing will win or share a prize of £150.

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