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Last Man Standing 4


After the success of our last “Last Man Standing” Competition, we have our fourth instalment which takes in fixtures from week 29 of the Premier League starting on Saturday 5th March 2016.  Make sure you enter today.


Do you know your English Premier  League football?  Can you predict the winner of a Premier League game?   Would you like to prove this to your friends, family and workmates?  How  would you like to win £250.00 cash by doing this?


Well, if you answered Yes to any of the above,  MUSC Downpatrick Branch “Last Man  Standing” Competition is just for you.


Costing just £10 to enter and  with a £250.00 cash prize for the ‘Last Man Standing’ why not sign-up  today.


The competition involves picking a team each week from the Premier League Fixtures list. If your team wins you progress to the next week of the competition. If your team loses or draws your entry is eliminated. Eventually after a number of weeks there will be one or a very small number of entries remaining who will share the cash prize pot.



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